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Product Catalogue

Project description

Every year our client sells its special collections at the Monegros festival. As standard, they printed paper catalogues with an overview of the actual collections. This time they wanted to go by 3D digital route. They asked us to create an animated carousel with rotating 3D models of their products. The video would run on big screens during the festival. The carousel would carry a QR code with a link to a domain where the entire catalogue would be hosted and the products would be previewed for festival visitors. Whole web catalogue should withstand heavy traffic during event.


  • 3D modeling of each product with requested logo/graphics positioning.
  • Preparing assets suitable for Carousel animation and Web catalogue.
  • Bought domain and connected it with QR code.
  • Several iteration of catalogue design, client wasn't sure what features they want to support.
  • We've built catalogue based on Django framework with administration for easy image/pricing/colors variants updating.
  • Due to concern of heavy traffic we decided to export site as static pages and we hosted final product as JAMSTACK so we could ensure 100% availibility during whole event.