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Hi, I’m Tom Ravn


Freelance developer based in Czech Republic - over 10 years of experience with building custom Websites, Content Management systems, Desktop/Mobile apps and Automation scripts. Custom design UI/UX and other graphic services thanks to extensive cooperation with highly skilled 3D and 2D artists.



CNC Task Monitoring

Collects data from CNC sensors.
Monitor time spent on tasks on CNC machines.
Helps management make better decisions.
User-friendly interface.

Client | Hiatus


Product Catalogue

3D models of special clothes collection.
Online product catalogue for event visitors.
Hosted as JAMSTACK for high availability.

Client | DC shoes


3D/AR Viewer of sneakers

Web app work as 3D/AR viewer.
Hosted on CDN for fast global delivery.
3D models made by high detailed photogrammetry.

Client | DC shoes


Data extraction from PDF drawings

Windows desktop App.
Extract data from PDF drawings in bulk.
Removing logos from drawings.

Client | Hiatus


Company website Hiatus

Presentation company website.
Customized admin panel for data management.
Hosting supported by CDN for faster loading.

Client | Hiatus


Portfolio website Redhood

Company portfolio website.
Dashboard for emails and image management.
Hosting supported by CDN for faster loading.

Client | Redhood


Technical drawing viewer App

Custom intranet Web App.
Used as 2D drawings viewer.
Inspired by google drive file management.

Client | Hiatus

About me

Short story

I began my career as a project leader in a mechanical engineering company, where I was responsible for 3D CAD design, CNC programming, and team leadership. As the company grew, I saw opportunities to automate many of its processes, which led me to learn more about scripting and software development. Over time, I was able to automate several key processes and free up staff members to focus on more important tasks. This led the company's leadership to assign me the task of digitalizing and automating business processes, as well as collecting and analyzing data. My efforts resulted in better communication between departments, higher production efficiency, and fewer human errors. After a successful 10-year career at the company, I left to help others, including DC Shoe and Redhood Studio. Today, I continue to work as a freelance developer.



  • Django
  • Flask
  • Wagtail


  • NodeJS
  • Electron
  • React Native


  • BootStrap
  • Tailwind


  • Linux/FreeBSD
  • Video Streaming
  • CDN hosting


  • MySQL
  • MariaDB

Content management

  • Wagtail
  • Ghost CMS
  • Django Admin


01 Web Dev

Custom Website Development

Content Management - easy data editing

All kind of web, portfolio, blog etc.

With your required UI/UX design

UI/UX design brought by my team

02 App Dev

Application Development

Custom Web Apps

Custom Desktop Applications OSX/Win

Mobile Applications IOS/Android

Web intranet information systems

03 Scripts

Scripting and Automation

Scripts for website scraping

Grabbing data into Excel like sheets

Scripts for wide variety of tasks

Anything other

04 Hosting

Hosting and domains setup

Website hosting in different locations

Content delivery networks for fast loading

Domains and SSL certificates setup

Video Streaming solution

05 Designing

UI/UX design and other services

UI/UX design for your Websites

Visuals, prints and other commercials

3D visuals, animations + photogrammetry

Anything else

Contact me

If you have any questions or business request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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